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Moise ‘Swamp’ Rimbon Vs. Alexander ‘Lokomotiv’ Gladkov 

ROUND 1 – Both fighters step to the middle of the ring, Swamp looks more cautious of the bigger Ukrainian who immediately lunges forward with looping punches. The forward momentum allows the Lokomotiv to transition into a take down attempt, which Swamp defends well. In an effort to get Swamp to the mat Lokomotiv switches up the double leg for single and drives the fight to the opposite corner of the ring. Swamp is still able to defend and lands a nice heavy elbows whilst Lokomotiv has hold of his hips. The ref separates the fighters, Swamp takes a glancing shot, slips and falls. Lokomotiv keeps control on the top until Swamp reverse the position.

The fighters stand up to a clinch and ref separates them once again. Swamp then unleashes a series of leg and head kicks and the Lokomotiv loses his mouth guard. When the fighters return to action so do Swamps Muay Thai techniques. The Lokomotiv manages to land a few power shots in retaliation but Swamp returns the effort with a nice spinning back kick. The round sees a more clean striking form Swamp and winging punches form the Lokomotiv before the bell rings.

ROUND 2 – Before the round even starts Lokomotiv looks tired, his hands resting on the ropes. Almost as soon as the round starts he spits out his mouthpiece and the ref deducts a point. Swamp sees his opponent fading and beginning to let loose. He pulls out some taunting head movement, faints and fakes, and continues to land powerful technical leg kicks, punches and a nice spinning backfist.

Lokomotiv looks to be fading, Swamp unloads more kicks and finally a right hand feignt into a hard liver shot that drops Lokomotiv, who crumbles instantly. Swamp thinks he’s won and begins to walk off in victory. The ref gives the fighter one last chance to come back telling Swamp its not over. Swamp steps in with a clean punch to the head and the ref forgivingly calls it off.

A classic display of technique over power and a wicked Muay Thai clinic to end the bout in the 2nd round.

Winner Moise ‘Swamp Rimbon’ via T.K.O. 2nd Round.


The Wait is Over and the Game is On! Live from Bangkok and radically held in a Nightclub so wild it can only be called Insanity. Do yourself a favor, get off the couch and get over to the Mecca of Muay Thai, The Original Fight Capital of the World. 

If you’ve never been to Bangkok, you clearly haven’t lived. Or you are boring. That is a possibility too. You could just be a boring sheep eating whatever the Shepard feeds you. But we hope that you strive for more than that. We hope that you shoot for the stars and achieve greatness. And witness the New Jack MMA that’s combined with the Old School NHB!

At long last the Bad Boys of Bangkok are back in Action and they are Drunk on the strongest Fight Cocktails a Man can handle. Asia may water down it’s drinks and it’s fights, but that does Not fly in Bangkok. DFS FIGHTERS come to Play. They go for the Finish, not just the win. They lay it all on the line, cause they know it’s Go Hard, or Go Home, or Go to the Hospital.

DARE is proudly mixing up a Heavyweight Cocktail of Blackout proportions on October 12th: SWAMP (Moise Rimbon, 19-9) Vs. LOKOMOTIV (Alexander Gladkov, 4-0) in the Million Dollar Tournament.

The Crazy Ukrainian Train known as LOKOMOTIV is full steam ahead as he looks to keep his unbeaten record in tact. The only problem is that when you’re going too fast, you may run into a Medicine Man like Moise Rimbon along the way… and there are No tracks through the SWAMP. Get Ready! Don’t Blink! GAME ON.

See SWAMP VS LOKOMOTIV at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok at Club Insanity