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Murad ‘Strangler’ Machaev Vs. Gokhan ‘Turk’ Turkyilmaz

ROUND 1 – The fight begins with a feeling out process, faints and fakes from both fighters. Strangler lands a nice upper cut and takes Turk to the ground. From here Strangler keeps heavy top control whilst handing some vicious elbows. He attempts to take the back but Turk defends and stands up. A quick exchange of punches and the Russian pulls guard with a good guillotine attempt. Turk escapes and begins to throw from the top, Strangler gets back to his feet and takes the Turk down again.

Strangler keeps the pressure going constantly landing elbows and punches until finally he sees and opening and grabs the rear naked choke for a submission finish.

Winner Murad ‘Strangler’ Machaev via Submission/Rear Naked Choke 1st Round.


With love and tender care DFS, or Dare Fight Sports for those who don’t enjoy initials, bring you their own style of MMA lovin. But On October 12th the Bad Boys of Bangkok plan on bringing MMA fans worldwide more than just MMA lovin wrapped in tender care.

They plan on bringing you Force and Valor, the name of the Cocktail prepared for their third Matchup on the DARE – Rebels of MMA Fight Card. We repeat Force and Valor. They could be the names of Iron Fist’s knuckle buddies, but they are Not. Force and Valor is the third matchup made by Real Wildcats of Finnish and American decent. A Molotov Cocktail of hard hitting proportions.

How do the DFS guys plan on making this concoction of Fighting fury?

They bring you an Aussie filled with Pitbull piss, blood, and vinegar that they like to call TURK (Gokhan Turkyilmaz, 9-8). A Rebel that sweats greatness the stench of Valor. Put TURK inside the Squared Circle with a cold blooded Russian named STRANGLER (Murad Machaev, 12-1). A Man of few word that enjoys squeezing windpipes with Force, the way Chianti squeezes grapes. Take that Force and Valor juice and mix in a little Asian MMA Rule set, now that’s a Kickass Cocktail that can only be sipped on in one place. Amazing, Bangkok Thailand, the Coolest City on the Planet. If you haven’t been to Bangkok, you haven’t drank with the big boys. Mark the Date, and don’t be afraid. GAME ON.