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Shane ‘Ronin’ Wiggand Vs. Kristoffer ‘Kreepy Kris’ Persson

ROUND 1 – Kris comes out looking like one of the Diaz brothers and immediately pops off a head kick and a body kick. Ronin pushes forward, the clinch game beings, the fighter separate and Kris attempts more leg kicks. Ronin catches a leg and stuffs Kris into the corner where he unleashes some nice heavy ground and pound. Kris returns to his feet to another clinch, the fighter exchange, separate once again and reset.

Both fighter move forward and the inside game begins, more clinch work with heavy knees and punches, and a big upper cut from Kris who then initiates a takedown only to be revered by Ronin landing himself on the bottom. Ronin keeps good top pressure but Kris showing an improved ground game creates some space and throws up a triangle attempt. Ronin defends and the fight returns to the feet. Kris is getting the better of the striking, but the fight returns to the ground where Ronin ends the round with heavy elbows and punches.

ROUND 2 – Both fighters come out guns blazing and push forward with strikes and clinch up quickly. Ronin begins to look tired and Kris hits of a nice trip. Pressure from the top forces Ronin to turtle up and give up his back. Kris takes the opportunity and looks for a rear naked choke. Somehow Ronin powers through, defends and the fighters return to the feet.

Big kicks and knees from Kris help him close the distance and take the fight to the ground once again once there Kris goes in for the kill with a flurry of punches bringing Ronin to tap just as the ref is jumping in to stop the fight.

Winner – Kristoffer ‘Kreepy Kris’ Persson via T.K.O 2nd Round.


At Dare Fight Sports we like our drinks like our Fighters, Strong and Dirty. So with the REBELS OF MMA on October 12th, Live from the City of Angels, D.F.S. is looking to mix up a Fight Mixture of Epic Brain rotting proportions. 

Give us some Whisky, mix in some Japanese Sake from the Samurai of Bangkok RONIN (Shane Wiggand, 6-8). No Ice… This match up is served up Hotter than our Ring Girl Xanny lubed up with Coconut Oil. Throw in a Sucker Punch to the side of the Dome, and a bit of Hannibal Lector Psychopath called KREEPY KRIS (Kristoffer Persson, 1-3), and maybe a lime so we all cringe. Pour that with some blood into a dirty ring, and that’s an Epic Cocktail only the Bad Boys of Bangkok can slurp up. In their second fight on the Journey to the Million Dollar Prize, DARE Fight Sports, Asia’s Coolest Most Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Organization is happy to bring Fight fans a match that’s sure to produce stitches. RONIN VS KREEPY KRIS in Quarter Final Action. Don’t Blink. Beware. GAME ON!