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Rasul ‘Nostrovia!’ Mirzaev Vs. James ‘Scraps’ Saville

The only decision of the night, and surely a contender for fight of the year here in Asia.

ROUND 1 – After touching gloves Scraps brings the striking and they clinch against the ropes. He tried to trip but Nostrovia defends. The fighters then tee off on each other with dirty boxing, and Nostrovia shoots in for the take down. Punches then reign down, Scraps defends and see and opportunity to grab a leg. Nostrovia slips out and returns to apply more heavy pressure from the top. Scraps then gets back to his feet and the grappling continues. Nostrovia lands a nice suplex but ends up in a dangerous position with Scraps locking up a very close triangle & arm bar attempt that had Rasul in danger for almost a min.

The fighters roll, Nostrovia escapes but doesn’t let Scraps back up, instead he throws kicks to the leg and waits for an opening. Scraps is the first to see that opening and returns once again to his feet. The fight goes straight to the clinch, Nostrovia pushes Scraps into the corner. Scraps turns the position, the fighters assume the middle of the ring and both tee off on each other with punches. Another clinch ends up with Scraps on the mat, with Nostrovia smartly trying to keep out of his guard.

ROUND 2 – Round 2 stays on the feet for much longer than the first. Both fighters test their striking. Nostrovia lands a head kick, Scraps returns the favor with some clean strikes and a nice spinning back kick attempt. Nostrovia throws more head kicks and Scraps shoots for a take down, which is stuffed by the Russian. Nostrovia pushes forward with more punches but Scraps doesn’t back down, all the way going toe to toe.

Scraps attempts a knee, Nostrovia takes advantage and the fight goes to the matt. Nostrovia keeps good top position whilst landing punches, but Scraps sneaks back to his feet. A flurry of dirty boxing then sees Scraps hurt before he lands a big shot that almost floors Nostrovia. The fight goes to ropes once again for more dirty boxing in the clinch, the fighters separate and return to the middle.

Nostrovia appears to be getting the better of the striking game landing big punches to the head and body. Scraps shows a heart of steal and chin of iron by not giving up when most would have.

ROUND 3 – The last round starts with more trading on the feet. Nostrovia shows good head movement but another spinning back kick from Scraps lands this time. Another clinch and the fight goes to the ground where Nostrovia maintains top position. Scraps constantly looks for an escape or submission, Nostrovia makes a nice angle change and attacks Scraps with soccer kicks to the head and body. Using the distance Scraps gets up, Nostrovia throws more head kicks, Scraps defends nicely and attempts another spinning back kick that misses.

Nostrovia lands a spinning back elbow that dazes Scraps, the fight goes to the ground but Scraps powers through. Nostrovia tries his submission game, mounts the back of Scraps, sinks in both hooks and looks for a rear naked choke. Scraps BJJ skills allow him to escape and return to the feet for a brief moment. Nostrovia mauls Scraps to the ground again and lands more soccer kicks before the fighters return to their feet. From here Nostrovia lands another spinning elbow, Scraps tries to take the fight to the ground but ends up on the bottom. Nostrovia then keeps top control and lands ground and pound until the end of the fight.

Winner Rasul ‘Nostrovia’ Mirzaev via Decision 3rd Round.



WARNING: The Weekend of October 12th could possibly be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. If you do not prepare yourself by Hyper Hydrating with loads of water the Fight Cocktails served up at the DARE Event on that Saturday evening may cause you be the biggest Rock Star on the Planet. 

If the guy in the Hangover 2 Film got a Tattoo on his face, when the Bad Boys of Bangkok mix up their 4th fight cocktail of the Rebels of MMA Show, who knows where you’ll get your Tattoo. The 4th Libation is a straight up shot. No Ice, and again served in a Dirty glass, cause we don’t know how to wash dishes. 2 Parts Russian Vodka on Vodka, the type only a Black Tiger could handle, is mixed up in the Ring with straight British Patchouli oil.

NOSTROVIA! (Rasul Mirzaev, 6-0) VS SCRAPS (James Saville, 11-6), is coming to the Las Vegas of the World, Bangkok Thailand! The Coolest City on the Planet, and you may need a Singha chaser for this one. With a wink and a smile from the Bartender, DFS is proud to present: NOSTROVIA! VS SCRAPS, live and in full effect in the Featherweight division of their Million Dollar Tournament. Drink liberally as Great times, hardy Laughter, and Bad decisions are bound to happen. Love MMA… Don’t Blink… GAME ON.

See NOSTROVIA! VS SCRAPS at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok