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Ole ‘Iron Fist’ Laursen Vs. The Joe Ray

ROUND 1 – Joe ray opens up the fight throwing heavy leather, Iron Fist counters with heavy kicks. The fighters continue to land strikes, with almost every punch being returned by a kick. Both standing their ground until a big upper cut from Joe Ray puts Iron Fist against the ropes. Iron Fist quickly reverses the position, and Joe Ray begins to utilize knees in the clinch. The Iron Fist returns with the same. Locked up against the ropes, Iron Fist trips Joe Ray and lands on top.

A quick ground battle and the fight returns to the feet. Joe Ray lands a big elbow and Iron Fist a big right. Both fighters tee off again. Joe Ray lands a spinning back fist. Evenly match striking on the feet continues, Iron Fist starts talking to Joe Ray. They clinch up and fight goes to the ground where Joe Ray ends up on top. From here he throws elbows to the legs and knees of Iron Fist until the round ends.

ROUND 2 – The second round opens with some big leg kicks from Iron Fist. Joe Ray rushes in and gets the clinch to put Iron Fist against the ropes. He then delivers knees and both dirty box for a moment. The fighters separate and Iron Fist lands more big kicks. Joe Ray fights back with heavy punches and they both trade off in the middle of the ring. A nasty spinning back elbow from Joe Ray forces Iron Fist to clinch up and push the fight into the corner. Here Iron Fist delivers some hard knees. Joe Ray turns him, Iron Fist turns Joe Ray back around. Then a big elbow from Joe Ray and a barrage of punches hurt Iron Fist, but he doesn’t back down.

The fighters go toe-to-toe and the crowd goes wild. Iron Fist seems to be getting the better of the exchange and has Joe Ray looking for a take down. The Iron Fist defends and puts Joe Ray on his back. Joe Ray uses wrist control and the threat of a kimura arm lock to reverse the position. He then delivers knees on the ground but Iron Fist is able to stand up where both fighters exchange once again. A huge looping punch form Iron Fist misses, he falls to the ground and Joe Ray threatens another kimura from the bottom. Iron Fist is unphased and maintains top position whilst delivering knees till the bell sounds.

ROUND 3 – The last round starts in a similar fashion to the previous two, but the excitement in the air is even more electric and both fighters know it. Heavy straight punches are landed by Joe Ray and then a big right hand from Iron Fist. The fight goes to the ground and Joe Ray stays heavy on top. Both deliver punches and Joe Ray even pulls out some chin strikes to the shoulders of Iron Fist to keep the action going. Joe Ray holds top position from half guard and final transitions to mount. The Iron Fist almost gives up his back, but doesn’t allow Joe Ray to get his hooks in. Iron Fist defends well and regains half guard but another mount from Joe Ray sees the fight end quickly when he synchs in a head and arm triangle forcing Iron Fist to tap.

The headline bout of the night turned out to be just that, a back and forth war of 3 rounds with a submission finish to end the night.

This will surely be a contender for fight of the year!

Winner Joe Ray via Submmission/Arm-in Guillotine 3rd Round.


– OCTOBER 12th 2013 Mark the Mother F*%kng Date –

Patience is not always easy, but they say it is a virtue. And generally we all know that Good things, come to those who wait. Well the waiting is Finally over. The Ring was put on the finger, the Wedding is over, and Now it is time for the Honeymoon my friends.

When the most creative MMA Organization in the World Finally steps up the level of it’s talent pool to the Heights of the “A” Leagues, Dare Fight Sports becomes More than just Asia’s Coolest Most Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Organization… They Become ASIA’s Best MMA Organization. Representing the Coolest City on the Planet, The Las Vegas of the World, Bangkok Thailand, The Bad Boys of MMA are Truly back in Action. And with the announcement of their First Match Up, The Rebels of MMA are screaming GAME ON as loud as Possible (with a deafening tone) (**And if it’s too loud, you’re probably too old**).

What is sure to be one of the Biggest Bangers in MMA History, Dare Fight Sports is Proud to Announce, IRON FIST VS THE JOE RAY. Live from the Original Fight Capital of the World. A match up of two powerhouses, that could Truly be the most Heavy Hitting bout in all of Asian MMA today. Don’t Blink. Be there. GAME ON.