The Official Website of Asia's Coolest, Most Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Organization – Dare Fight Sports – Live from Bangkok



“People thought we were dead but we were just shedding our skin. Dare Fight Sports is doing better than ever.”

Like a plume of smoke rising from the long-dormant volcanic crater of Mount Vesuvius – DARE is back for The Year of the Snake.

2013 will see Dare Fight Sports delivering a new DARE fight event, and an unprecedented TV deal which will see ‘Asia’s Coolest, Most Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Organization’ going out to over 700 million homes across The People’s Republic of China and The United States of America, forming a united, global alliance of ultra-violence, teen-adulation and hard-hitting rock n ’roll entertainment that the world’s pop stars and politicians could only dream of.

The three year deal with Seven Star Entertainment / Tiger TV, one of China’s leading entertainment companies sees both DARE’s past and upcoming events being broadcast in China on the country’s largest TV network CCTV-5, and on NBC Sports in the United States.

DARE’s warriors of old will rise again and new heroes will be born, their glories and pain broadcast across the planet for the world to witness, as Dare Fight Sports rains down an apocalyptic torrent of hot lava and cold fury.

And so it appears, ladies and gentleman, that DARE is not yet dead … in fact, they’ve only just begun.

Richard Arthur,
Dare Fight Sports