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Last month, something truly amazing happened in the world of Asian Mixed martial Arts. Skip that. Last month something truly amazing happened in MMA, World wide. Something that no one seems to be talking about, but could have dramatic effects on all of our future. That is, if you are a fan of combat sports?

DARE Fight Sports, a relatively unknown MMA Organization out of Bangkok Thailand announced last month that this October, Ole “IRON FIST” Laursen would be fighting in their Million Dollar Tournament. This should be absolutely mind blowing to any hardcore fan of MMA. Iron Fist is a fighter that under different circumstances would be fighting in the UFC. His 6-3 Sherdog Record does not do the fight justice, as he has been to war with many of the greats in Muay Thai and K-1. Not only that but Ole’s last MMA fight was a fight of the night win over One FC Super Star Eduard Folayang. Sure the stickers will point out his loss to Giorgio Petrosyan, but that could easily be compared to Shinya Aoki taking off a Frenchman’s arm. Facts are facts, Iron Fist is a great guy and great fighter.

So why is this such a big deal? Why is This, a Headline? Why should every MMA fan on this planet quake in their boots? Because He’s Fighting for DARE Fight Sports. Well known as the RockStars of the MMA Underground, DARE is an Organization like no other on the planet. Have you seen them? Have you even seen a Picture of theirs? DARE is by far the most creative MMA Organization on the planet. With a look and feel that makes Fight Club look like a boy scouts meeting, the guys from DARE could easily be the ECW of the MMA World. Every one tries to be the UFC these days. Except DARE. And maybe a couple of crazy Russians. But still Dare has a sort of style and quality to their product that is undeniably, Cool.

The reason that you have never heard of DARE is probably because their talent pool generally comes from it’s region, South East Asia. As well as the fact that the Organization seems to have adapted the smaller is better attitude, even stating that they are Asia’s Coolest, Most Exclusive, MMA Organization. And this is exactly why Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen fighting for Them! Is such a Big deal.

Here’s a fact for ya. If DARE steps up it’s caliber of fighter to the level of IRON FIST, they will change the game of Mixed Martial Arts. No doubt about it. These guys are a little off and a slightly crazy. After all, being able to get the sport of MMA Banned in a Country who’s National sport is Muay Thai, shows they have a pair of brass testicles. Upon being banned they still apparently, as they have for years, held shows underground. They have gone outside of the box by only handing the public a slice of what they apparently have, and always playing a smoke and mirrors game. Thus almost making for a new sort of WWE… But a Real One. Can you see the possibilities? Can you feel the pain? Can… You… Dig it?

As par life it seems only time will tell. So we will wait until October where it is not only IRON FIST’s time to shine. But also Dare Fight Sports.

See Ole Laursen as IRON FIST at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – OCTOBER 12 – Live from Bangkok