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DARE’s upcoming October 12th event is shaping up to be one hell of a showdown that delivers possibly the best fight card of Asian MMA in 2013.

The highlight of this event is to be the widely speculated and talked about “IRON FIST” Ole Laursen Vs “THE JOE RAY”.

We all know rankings suck and often mean zilch when it comes to the real world of combat sports, and a fighter’s record is no different. Flown around the world at the last minute, bearing injuries and almost certainly some psychiatric issues, fighters fight, and they’ll do whatever it takes to do so. Some just take more risks than others when accepting challenges. Enter the “IRON FIST” Ole Laursen.

A feared name on the worldwide roster of bad asses, the Iron Fist has picked up wins all over the globe from K-1 Heroes in Japan to Martial Combat in Singapore – F’ the MMA record, this guy’s only losses have come to some of combat sports very best in Caol Uno, Genki Sudo, and up and comer Felipe Enomoto.

If for some reason you think fighting comes down to what’s on paper rather than what happens in the ring know this, the IRON FIST brought home the Dutch Amateur Kick Boxing title in 1998, the I.K.F European title in 2000, the I.M.T.C. world title in 2001, and the Kings Cup in Bangkok in 2002. He then fought several times in K-1, before transitioning to MMA.

After a rocky start to his pro MMA career, Laursen went on a brutal 5 fight win streak to become ranked number 8 on the list of top lightweight prospects in 2010. His recent signing to DARE’s MMA tournament is just the IRON FIST’s next step towards the crown, and his piece of their Million Dollar Tourney.


Ole “IRON FIST” Laursen after dominating win over Eduard Folayang

With DARE concentrating on fighters based in South East Asia and the IRON FIST fighting out of his own respected Legacy Gym in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, it was only natural that Laursen would join to fight for the organization, especially when there’s such a huge purse up for grabs.

But Laursen will certainly have his hands, elbows, shins and guard full when he steps in to the ring against the one and only, “THE JOE RAY” – *we’re not sure if this new moniker was crafted especially for DARE, or if it’s been a long standing alter ego just waiting for the right time to break out.

Back in 2010 Ray was ranked 10th on the list of welterweight MMA prospects, but while reports consistently praised his knock out power they also noted his lacking game on the ground, but fast-forward just one year and Ray already begins earning straps by submission.

In 2011 he took the CFA (Championship Fighting Alliance) title with an arm bar over John Kelly and in 2012 used similar ground techniques to take the CSC (Combat Sport Challenge) title with a win by arm triangle choke over Dustin West. Ray also holds wins in other major organizations, and looks to be getting on top of his game.


Joe Ray knocking out Zorobabel Moreira after the first 14 seconds

Previously training at Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami and American Top Team, Ray’s fighting background is born out of his love for Muay Thai and he has spent several years honing his striking skills at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, as well as Dragon Muay Thai in Phuket.

Known for his vicious Muay Thai and ever improving ground game, “THE JOE RAY” is now back in action fighting out of Tiger Muay Thai and MMA and goes to DARE ready to do what he does best: Lay a smack down on somebody.

And that’s exactly what he plans to do when the cage doors are closed and DARE’s most anticipated bouts kicks off on October 12th, Live from Bangkok, Thailand.


– Nathan Webster