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Down come the lights, there’s a pause, then visuals start playing, the strobes start flashing and out comes the Sniper, dark dub breaks shake the building. The sniper enters the ring and immediately begins shadow boxing, getting in the zone.

Once again, the room goes dark, the crowd goes quiet with anticipation and The Asker gets his walk out moment. As the lights go wild and Asker makes his entrance to heavy rock. Asker feels out the ring, Oliver Coste instructs the fighters. The stage lights go up. DARE is ready to commence.



Stephen ‘Sniper’ Loman Vs. Asker ‘The Asker’ Baragunov



1st round – The fighters touch gloves, the Sniper throws one leg kick followed by one head kick attempt. The feeling out process doesn’t last long before Asker dives in with a straight right cross and K.O.’s Loman out cold.


The crowd goes wild, the first fight, the first K.O. Thankfully despite the devastating finish, The Sniper leaves the ring a few minutes later with stable legs.



Winner – Asker ‘The Asker’ Baragunov via K.O. 1st Round.



Brad ‘Big Bad’ Terrey Vs. Rachanon ‘Babbie’ Ngaongam



The second bout goes a little longer than the first, but not by much.

1st round – Both fighters come out swinging for the fences, Big Bad leads with a long jab and immediately follows with a body lock pressuring Babbie into the corner for a take down after some work he gets Babbie onto the matt. Big Bad lays down some ground and pound before Babbie craftily uses the ropes to help him return to his feet. Another quick flurry of punches and kicks from both fighters ends with Brad pressing the bodylock again into the corner.


Babbie pummels and digs as best he can but just as he starts to circle out Big Bad takes Babbie to the ground once again passes into the mount and unleashes a barrage of punches and elbows until the ref step in to stop the fight in the first.


Winner Brad ‘Big Bad’ Terrey via T.K.O. 1st Round.



Shane ‘Ronin’ Wiggand Vs. Kristoffer ‘Kreepy Kris’ Persson



The third bout of the night was a contender for fight of the night, 2 rounds of an all out war.

1st round – Kris comes out looking like one of the Diaz brothers and immediately pops off a head kick and a body kick. Ronin pushes forward, the clinch game beings, the fighter separate and Kris attempts more leg kicks. Ronin catches a leg and stuffs Kris into the corner where he unleashes some nice heavy ground and pound. Kris returns to his feet to another clinch, the fighter exchange, separate once again and reset.

Both fighter move forward and the inside game begins, more clinch work with heavy knees and punches, and a big upper cut from Kris who then initiates a takedown only to be revered by Ronin landing himself on the bottom. Ronin keeps good top pressure but Kris showing an improved ground game creates some space and throws up a triangle attempt. Ronin defends and the fight returns to the feet. Kris is getting the better of the striking, but the fight returns to the ground where Ronin ends the round with heavy elbows and punches.


2nd round – Both fighters come out guns blazing and push forward with strikes and clinch up quickly. Ronin begins to look tired and Kris hits of a nice trip. Pressure from the top forces Ronin to turtle up and give up his back. Kris takes the opportunity and looks for a rear naked choke. Somehow Ronin powers through, defends and the fighters return to the feet.


Big kicks and knees from Kris help him close the distance and take the fight to the ground once again once there Kris goes in for the kill with a flurry of punches bringing Ronin to tap just as the ref is jumping in to stop the fight.


Winner – Kristoffer ‘Kreepy Kris’ Persson via T.K.O 2nd Round.



Rasul ‘Nostrovia!’ Mirzaev Vs. James ‘Scraps’ Saville



The only decision of the night, and surely a contender for fight of the year here in Asia.

1st round – After touching gloves Scraps brings the striking and they clinch against the ropes. He tried to trip but Nostrovia defends. The fighters then tee off on each other with dirty boxing, and Nostrovia shoots in for the take down. Punches then reign down, Scraps defends and see and opportunity to grab a leg. Nostrovia slips out and returns to apply more heavy pressure from the top. Scraps then gets back to his feet and the grappling continues. Nostrovia lands a nice suplex but ends up in a dangerous position with Scraps locking up a very close triangle & arm bar attempt that had Rasul in danger for almost a min.

The fighters roll, Nostrovia escapes but doesn’t let Scraps back up, instead he throws kicks to the leg and waits for an opening. Scraps is the first to see that opening and returns once again to his feet. The fight goes straight to the clinch, Nostrovia pushes Scraps into the corner. Scraps turns the position, the fighters assume the middle of the ring and both tee off on each other with punches. Another clinch ends up with Scraps on the mat, with Nostrovia smartly trying to keep out of his guard.


2nd round – Round 2 stays on the feet for much longer than the first. Both fighters test their striking. Nostrovia lands a head kick, Scraps returns the favor with some clean strikes and a nice spinning back kick attempt. Nostrovia throws more head kicks and Scraps shoots for a take down, which is stuffed by the Russian. Nostrovia pushes forward with more punches but Scraps doesn’t back down, all the way going toe to toe.

Scraps attempts a knee, Nostrovia takes advantage and the fight goes to the matt. Nostrovia keeps good top position whilst landing punches, but Scraps sneaks back to his feet. A flurry of dirty boxing then sees Scraps hurt before he lands a big shot that almost floors Nostrovia. The fight goes to ropes once again for more dirty boxing in the clinch, the fighters separate and return to the middle.

Nostrovia appears to be getting the better of the striking game landing big punches to the head and body. Scraps shows a heart of steal and chin of iron by not giving up when most would have.


3rd round – The last round starts with more trading on the feet. Nostrovia shows good head movement but another spinning back kick from Scraps lands this time. Another clinch and the fight goes to the ground where Nostrovia maintains top position. Scraps constantly looks for an escape or submission, Nostrovia makes a nice angle change and attacks Scraps with soccer kicks to the head and body. Using the distance Scraps gets up, Nostrovia throws more head kicks, Scraps defends nicely and attempts another spinning back kick that misses.


Nostrovia lands a spinning back elbow that dazes Scraps, the fight goes to the ground but Scraps powers through. Nostrovia tries his submission game, mounts the back of Scraps, sinks in both hooks and looks for a rear naked choke. Scraps BJJ skills allow him to escape and return to the feet for a brief moment. Nostrovia mauls Scraps to the ground again and lands more soccer kicks before the fighters return to their feet. From here Nostrovia lands another spinning elbow, Scraps tries to take the fight to the ground but ends up on the bottom. Nostrovia then keeps top control and lands ground and pound until the end of the fight.



Winner Rasul ‘Nostrovia’ Mirzaev via Decision 3rd Round.



Murad ‘Strangler’ Machaev Vs. Gokhan ‘Turk’ Turkyilmaz



1st – The fight begins with a feeling out process, faints and fakes from both fighters. The Strangler lands a nice upper cut and takes Turk to the ground. From here The Strangler keeps heavy top control whilst handing some vicious elbows. He attempts to take the back but Turk defends and stands up. A quick exchange of punches and the Russian pulls guard with a good guillotine attempt. Turk escapes and begins to throw from the top, The Strangler gets back to his feet and takes the Turk down again.


The Stranglers keeps the pressure going constantly landing elbows and punches until finally he sees and opening and grabs the rear naked choke for a submission finish.


Winner Murad ‘Strangler’ Machaev via Submission/Rear Naked Choke 1st Round.



Moise ‘Swamp’ Rimbon Vs. Alexander ‘Lokomotiv’ Gladkov



1st – Both fighters step to the middle of the ring, Swamp looks more cautious of the bigger Ukrainian who immediately lunges forward with looping punches. The forward momentum allows the Lokomotiv to transition into a take down attempt, which Swamp defends well. In an effort to get Swamp to the mat Lokomotiv switches up the double leg for single and drives the fight to the opposite corner of the ring. Swamp is still able to defend and lands a nice heavy elbows whilst Lokomotiv has hold of his hips. The ref separates the fighters, Swamp takes a glancing shot, slips and falls. Lokomotiv keeps control on the top until Swamp reverse the position.


The fighters stand up to a clinch and ref separates them once again. Swamp then unleashes a series of leg and head kicks and the Lokomotiv loses his mouth guard. When the fighters return to action so do Swamps Muay Thai techniques. The Lokomotiv manages to land a few power shots in retaliation but Swamp returns the effort with a nice spinning back kick. The round sees a more clean striking form Swamp and winging punches form the Lokomotiv before the bell rings.


2nd round – Before the round even starts Lokomotiv looks tired, his hands resting on the ropes. Almost as soon as the round starts he spits out his mouthpiece and the ref deducts a point. Swamp sees his opponent fading and beginning to let loose. He pulls out some taunting head movement, faints and fakes, and continues to land powerful technical leg kicks, punches and a nice spinning backfist.


Lokomotiv looks to be fading, Swamp unloads more kicks and finally a right hand feignt into a hard liver shot that drops Lokomotiv, who crumbles instantly. Swamp thinks he’s won and begins to walk off in victory. The ref gives the fighter one last chance to come back telling Swamp its not over. Swamp steps in with a clean punch to the head and the ref forgivingly calls it off.

A classic display of technique over power and a wicked Muay Thai clinic to end the bout in the 2nd round.


Winner Moise ‘Swamp Rimbon’ via T.K.O. 2nd Round.




Ole ‘Iron Fist’ Laursen Vs. The Joe Ray



1st – Joe ray opens up the fight throwing heavy leather, Iron Fist counters with heavy kicks. The fighters continue to land strikes, with almost every punch being returned by a kick. Both standing their ground until a big upper cut from Joe Ray puts Iron Fist against the ropes. Iron Fist quickly reverses the position, and Joe Ray begins to utilize knees in the clinch. The Iron Fist returns with the same. Locked up against the ropes, Iron Fist trips Joe Ray and lands on top.

A quick ground battle and the fight returns to the feet. Joe Ray lands a big elbow and Iron Fist a big right. Both fighters tee off again. Joe Ray lands a spinning back fist. Evenly match striking on the feet continues, Iron Fist starts talking to Joe Ray. They clinch up and fight goes to the ground where Joe Ray ends up on top. From here he throws elbows to the legs and knees of Iron Fist until the round ends.


2nd rd – The second round opens with some big leg kicks from Iron Fist. Joe Ray rushes in and gets the clinch to put Iron Fist against the ropes. He then delivers knees and both dirty box for a moment. The fighters separate and Iron Fist lands more big kicks. Joe Ray fights back with heavy punches and they both trade off in the middle of the ring. A nasty spinning back elbow from Joe Ray forces Iron Fist to clinch up and push the fight into the corner. Here Iron Fist delivers some hard knees. Joe Ray turns him, Iron Fist turns Joe Ray back around. Then a big elbow from Joe Ray and a barrage of punches hurt Iron Fist, but he doesn’t back down.


The fighters go toe-to-toe and the crowd goes wild. Iron Fist seems to be getting the better of the exchange and has Joe Ray looking for a take down. The Iron Fist defends and puts Joe Ray on his back. Joe Ray uses wrist control and the threat of a kimura arm lock to reverse the position. He then delivers knees on the ground but Iron Fist is able to stand up where both fighters exchange once again. A huge looping punch form Iron Fist misses, he falls to the ground and Joe Ray threatens another kimura from the bottom. Iron Fist is unphased and maintains top position whilst delivering knees till the bell sounds.


3rd round – The last round starts in a similar fashion to the previous two, but the excitement in the air is even more electric and both fighters know it. Heavy straight punches are landed by Joe Ray and then a big right hand from Iron Fist. The fight goes to the ground and Joe Ray stays heavy on top. Both deliver punches and Joe Ray even pulls out some chin strikes to the shoulders of Iron Fist to keep the action going. Joe Ray holds top position from half guard and final transitions to mount. The Iron Fist almost gives up his back, but doesn’t allow Joe Ray to get his hooks in. Iron Fist defends well and regains half guard but another mount from Joe Ray sees the fight end quickly when he synchs in a head and arm triangle forcing Iron Fist to tap.


The headline bout of the night turned out to be just that, a back and forth war of 3 rounds with a submission finish to end the night.

This will surely be a contender for fight of the year!

Winner Joe Ray via Submmission/Arm-in Guillotine 3rd Round.