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To wish someone good luck in the Thai Language, you say “Choke Dee”. But I’m afraid even though we may wish you luck in the ring against Strangler, all you’re going to get is “Choke”. Choked and mangled and left for Dead! Cause our Russian Psycho is one happy camper when he is Crushing your wind pipe.

There is an Idea of who Murad Machaev is; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real Murad Machaev: only an entity, something illusory. And although we at DARE can hide you from his cold gaze, and emotionless fighting style… Why would we? We can be just as Psycho as our Strangler. And in fact, on October 12th, we are very much looking forward to seeing this fine Russian Gentleman put his grip on some very Unlucky opponent… And choke the life out them. He’s about to Strangle you slowly, methodically, and with a great joy, that brings a disturbing smile to All of our lovely faces. We say it again and hope that you can hear us, “Choke Dee”, or in other words… “Good Luck”.

See Murad Machaev as STRANGLER at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – OCTOBER 12 – Live from Bangkok

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STRANGLERMurad Machaev
Weight Division: LIGHTWEIGHT
Fight Style: Anything goes