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Live from the City that doesn’t know what sleep is, Bangkok, Thailand. Asia’s Coolest, Most Exclusive, Mixed Martial Arts organization is about to use the prison term, “Ride a Train on that ass”, as the Beastie Boys of Bangkok bring Fight Fans a freight train of a Heavyweight haling from the Ukraine in the immense form of LOKOMOTIV (Alexander Gladkov). 

Riding on the Trans Siberian Railroad is a dream come true for fans of world travel. But if you ever have the bad luck to be on the opposite side of the tracks from the LOKOMOTIV, do yourself a favor, and jump off the rails. For if you don’t there is only one possible outcome that can happen. You will get Run Over. You will get Crushed. And you will be sorry that you ever decided to challenge this immense Rolling Ball of Thunder and Pain. October 12th, might as well be Christmas for Fans of the Real Deal NHB MMA Loving! Because DARE Fight Sports is Back in Action and giving the gift of a brand new Train Set to the Heavy Weight Division of their Million Dollar Tournament. Be there Live, in the Las Vegas of the World, BANGKOK Thailand, to witness all of the Action, or be Disappointed. Lets get up and lets get Ill! Don’t Blink! GAME ON!

Weight Division: HEAVYWEIGHT
Fight Style: GROUND & POUND